The Hall of Lost Steps (2020)


These works are part of the project I am currently working on. By giving voice to ghosts of the past, I want to analyze anthropocentric faith in human reason and ethics. Here my criticism refers to Descartes’s thought-based dehumanization of science, the creation of a severance between humans and nature and the denial that animals have the right to feel pain. In consequence, such far-reaching instrumentalization marginalized the others and the weaker (I mean here not only animals but also people) and deprived them of the right to speak, as well as it sanctioned the human tendency to use violence and to dominate over the weaker ones. This logic resulted not only in brutal colonialism but also in the horror of the Holocaust.

Zrealizowano w ramach programu stypendialnego Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego – Kultura w sieci.