The Hall of Lost Steps (2020)


These works are part of the project I am currently working on. By giving voice to ghosts of the past, I want to analyze anthropocentric faith in human reason and ethics. Here my criticism refers to Descartes’s thought-based dehumanization of science, the creation of a severance between humans and nature and the denial that animals have the right to feel pain. In consequence, such far-reaching instrumentalization marginalized the others and the weaker (I mean here not only animals but also people) and deprived them of the right to speak, as well as it sanctioned the human tendency to use violence and to dominate over the weaker ones. This logic resulted not only in brutal colonialism but also in the horror of the Holocaust.

Zrealizowano w ramach programu stypendialnego Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego – Kultura w sieci.

Bonds (2014-2016)


“Bonds” is a historical and social project aimed at creating artistic realizations that make a dialogue with memory / history. The main subject of interest in this case is the nearly 400-year history of Polish relations with Siberia. The history of Poles’ exiles to Siberia dates back to the early 16th century. Deportations were a frequent method of fighting against political opponents of tsarist Russia, some Poles came to Siberia of own accord, as part of the colonization of Siberia carried out by the tsarist authorities (this applies, for example, to the inhabitants of Wierszyna, often called Little Poland). After 1939, the deportations of Poles to Siberia were one of the basic instruments of the occupation policy of the Soviet authorities. In “Bonds” have been put together materials of archival value – collectively produced images (newsreels, films), amateur photographs, with creations created today. The participants of the project were both Sybiracy – people who came to Siberia and who managed to return to Poland, as well as  representatives of the Polish  diaspora – people of Polish origin currently living in Russia. The project involved creative work on memory, aimed at bringing closer  fates of Polish families who came to Siberia of own accord or forcibly. The project analyzes their relationship with Polishness and a sense of national identity in the context of historical events and the multinational essence of Siberia.

Zrealizowano w ramach programu stypendialnego Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.